Alcoa's Mr. P

Scholarship Recipients


Jelica K. Fuller
Shericka  L. Wilson
Kaltrina Ismaili
Alexander L. Benson
T’Keyan L. Minor
Michael A. Thomas
Torene D. Crawford
Jeff S. Hickman


Courtney Hodge
Michael Stubblefield
Dalnitra Warren
LaTaya Reddick


Lester Parker
Precious Sankey


News and Announcements

Courtney Hodge becomes first Mr. P Scholarship graduate

The Mr. P's Scholarship Fund would like to congratulate Courtney Hodge for becoming the first scholarship recipient to graduate. Congratulations Courtney! Good luck in all you do!

Read Courtney's letter to the Scholarship Fund.


The Alcoa School System is renovating the former fire hall building and converting it to an education facility to house the Alternative School. The program has been renamed and will be known as the PAL Program. The facility will be known as the Pershing Academy of Learning (also PAL). PAL is the acronym identified by the teacher who worked with Dennis in starting the alternative school.  Mr. P’s favorite greeting to students was, “Hi Pal"!  So the name has a double meaning for those that knew him.